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Welcome to It's time to do buisness......


Advertise your business here at

The Internet has become a great way to get information to hundreds,

and sometimes thousands, of people at the same time.

Why Us.....?


We live here, we work here, and run our business here.

We also honestly desire to run a business that will be beneficial to our clients and our community.


When you invest with us, your dollars remain here in Fayetteville.

As you can see we are advertising information about the City of Fayetteville and would like to also advertise information about your business and all of the other businesses in Fayetteville.


One of SimplyFayetteville primary goals is to assist Fayetteville businesses with inexpensive reasonable sources for advertising


Web-based, billboards, mobile and other forms of advertising all can be affordable if handled through a company that has your interest in mind.


SimplyFayetteville's motto is simple. Provide sources of inexpensive advertising. Be professional. Be responsive to clients. Be honest.



Advertising at SimplyFayetteville is simple:


We are offering a start-up introductory advertising price of $125 for the entire year. ALL businesses who start with this introductory offer will remain at this price.


All other businesses who register after this offer is ended will start advertising at the formal yearly price of $225 per year


The cost break down :

Introductory Price  $125    Regular Price  $225
Monthly $ 10.42   Monthly $ 18.75
Weekly $  2.40   Weekly $  4.33
Daily $    .34   Daily $    .62


Act soon!! This is a great price for advertising.


We are "cheaper" than most published and online business listings that offer similar products, but we work harder to get the word out about your business.



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Your advertisement in the Business Listing will follow the format below


    Current company logo - to identify you

    Address - to provide a mapping link for site visitors to  locate you

    Phone number - for customers to contact you

    Website address - to link visiting customers to your site (if available)



You'll now have your business information available to all visitors to the site. They will know who you are, where you are, how to contact you and also have a direct link to your web site if you have one.


If you are NOT digitally equipped, no problem, just contact us.

We will visit your place of business to get the information needed to complete your order.

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Don't have a web site...?  How about a single Web Page...?


For an additional fee a single page can be built and posted for you, or we can use a document you have already created.


Think about....a 24 hour source of information regarding your business. Contact information, items that can be purchased, pricing, etc., always available to potential customers.




Restaurants Owners here's a suggestion


If you do not have a website, how would you like to post your menu online?  For an extra $36 per year ($3 per month), we can post your menu online in PDF or HTML format. That way your customers will always know what to order.



Online Menu Pricing


$36 for the entire year for posting and maintenance of menu documents already created.


$86 minimum for menu documents to be created

$36 per year after initial creation. $50 for full page recreations

Posting, maintenance, and simple updates included


!!  Increase your exposure through Premium Advertising  !!



There are 4 Premium advertising slots. These slots are located on the first page of this site and on the right of every page throughout the site except the search page.



Pricing - This program covers (3) consecutive months at a fee of $500 for all 3 months.

At the end of the 3 month period, the posting will be removed to allow other companies to acquire the ad space. If there are no other companies in line, you may renew your ad space for another 3 months.


Future Ad Vehicles

SimplyFayetteville will also offer other forms of advertising in the near future. Grow with us as we assist companies and help them to get information about their business out to potential customers in and outside of  Fayetteville, NC


Contact Us

If you have questions, or are in need of additional information, or would like to place an order please contact us at (910) 261-8304.


You can also email us from the contact page.

Choose sales and submit your request, or e-mail us directly at


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Fayetteville, NC 28302

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